“If we could have peace in the world for just one day…then it would be possible to have peace forever.” -Nassiri

Nassiri spent 5 years planning, 2 years and millions of dollars in the creation of his “Love Sees No Color” World Peace video. Nassiri always had the desire to make a positive, uplifting film that combined with music that promoted peace, love, and harmony for the world and he chose to do so by making one of the most elaborate music videos ever made. He believes that the best way to convey a positive message through music is through the voices of children. The “Love Sees No Color” music video and documentary was filmed in High Definition in 18 different countries around the world, utilized 21 of the world’s best directors, and features 15 different languages with a cast of thousands. It also features children from around the world in their own original and ethnic costumes. The film includes amazing and spectacular scenes shot by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Taj Mahal in India, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Vatican in Rome, the famous historical Persepolis monument in Iran, the Statue of Liberty in New York City, the Tower of David in Israel, the Church of Nativity in Palestine and the great Pyramids in Egypt to name a few.

While on his World Peace tour, besides shooting scenes at some of the most famous monuments in the world, Nassiri would always take the time to visit impoverished areas in each city to observe the conditions in order to determine a way he could help. He would often speak in an effort to be a voice for the voiceless.

Nassiri’s peace efforts have been the catalyst to meet with leaders of the world including President Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, former President Bill Clinton, former NY Senator and current Secretary of State Hillary ClintonNobel Prize winners Nelson Mandela, Former Vice Premier Shimon PeresItalian President Giorgio Napolitano, former South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung, and many others.

Nassiri has been an active mediator between Israel and Palestine. He held private meetings with Vice-Premier Shimon Peres, the Israeli Parliament and Palestinian authorities and was instrumental in assisting with the negotiations for the release of 3 hostages held during the 34-day war and the continued conflict between Israel and Palestine.

“For years for centuries for holy lands shared by the sun
In the name of religion battles waged but never won

Instead of teaching children how to love new life begun
Our past becomes our story while tiny hands hold a gun

And when the dust has settled from the bombs that still fall
We’re blind to solutions when we build another wall”
-from “We Are Brothers” by Nassiri

During the Bush Administration, Nassiri met with Senator Harry Reid and Senator Ensign to discuss peace overseas. He has visited Iran and is in conversation with Dr. Mostafa Rahmani of the Interest Section of the Iranian Embassy and has spoken with Iranian UN Representative Javad Zarif as well. “The reconciliation between people can happen much more than is happening in the world and the message that he is talking‚ I applaud him for that!” said Senator Ensign.


In Rome, Nassiri met with Pope Benedict XVI, where he was invited toAssisi, Italy (The City of Peace) by Reverend Vincenzo Coli of the Franciscan Monks and met with the President of the Italian Republic,Giorgio Napolitano.

Nassiri also met with world icon and former President of South Africa,Nelson Mandela and shared his plans to launch a worldwide peace movement. He donated money to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Foundation and he performed his famous birthday song for Mr. Mandela’s 88th birthday.

While on his world tour, Nassiri extended an invitation to meet with Kim Jung Il so that the world could see North Korea’s people and its culture. He also sent a message from the bridge to open their borders so that the people of North and South Korea can move freely. That particular bridge had been closed since 1948 and one month after Nassiri’s visit, the bridge was opened and allowed the first train to cross in decades.

Nassiri recently met for a second time with President Obama to offer his assistance in peace negotiations with Iran.

Recently Nassiri co-hosted a special event at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles to launch his “I WANT PEACE” campaign with academy award winner, Jamie Foxx

“What if…
All of us could only see
How beautiful the world would be
If we lived in harmony

What if…
Love was all we had to share
With each other everywhere
Peace will always find a way…”

-From “Now’s the Time” by Nassiri


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“Now’s the time to find a new beginning, now’s the time to change the way we’re living, love’s the only path we need to follow to make the world a better place tomorrow…” -From Nassiri’s new album “Now’s The Time