Mission Statement

The “Love Sees No Color Foundation” is an independent private foundation established by Nassiri who is a peace activist with a passion to make a difference globally. His mission is simple: to identify people in need and assertively step in to improve their conditions. By forming this 501-3C foundation, Nassiri is able to foster projects with a view of promoting human dignity, reducing poverty and promoting peace all over the world. Nassiri has dedicated his life to helping people of all races, nationalities, cultures, religions, and creeds. He believes that as much as societies may try to separate us, we are, and will always be one humanity, living together as one global family.

Value Statement

The LSNC Foundation is a vehicle to create awareness and spread the message of peace and harmony to the world through the power of positive music, entertainment and education.


Following are just a few of Nassiri’s own efforts to help mankind and the world in which we live:

Nassiri spent 5 years planning, 2 years and millions of dollars in the creation of his “Love Sees No Color” World Peace video. Nassiri always had the desire to make a positive, uplifting film that combined with music that promoted peace, love, and harmony for the world and he chose to do so by making one of the most elaborate music videos ever made. He believes that the best way to convey a positive message through music is through the voices of children. The “Love Sees No Color” music video and documentary was filmed in High Definition in 18 different countries around the world, utilized 21 of the world’s best directors, and features 15 different languages with a cast of thousands. It also features children from around the world in their own original and ethnic costumes. The film includes amazing and spectacular scenes shot by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Taj Mahal in India, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Vatican in Rome, the famous historical Persepolis monument in Iran, the Statue of Libertyin New York City, the Tower of David in Israel, the Church of Nativity in Palestine and the great Pyramids in Egypt to name a few.

While on his World Peace tour, besides shooting scenes at some of the most famous monuments in the world, Nassiri would always take the time to visit impoverished areas in each city to observe the conditions in order to determine a way he could help. He would often speak in an effort to be a voice for the voiceless.

In Agra, India, Nassiri adopted a village during the filming of “Love Sees No Color” after he saw the poor conditions there. He sends provisions each month, including food, water, and medicine. Furthermore, the villagers have already received blankets, utensils, woolen slacks, and vests. Nassiri has contributed to the construction of the first restrooms and bathing facilities for the village. Nassiri hopes to eventually build an entire master-planned community area where the villagers can meet, cook, sleep, have proper schooling and live with dignity.

In South Africa, Nassiri made a substantial donation to Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund, “Player’s for Peace.” He spent many hours with Winnie Mandela looking into the conditions of some of the AIDS villages outside of Cape Town andJohannesburg. Nassiri visited one village where he met with a woman and her family, all who were infected with the AIDS virus. Nassiri helped the family with the assistance of Winnie Mandela, and has been donating food and paying for their medical bills so they can receive the treatment and medicine they need. He also visited Haven House in Johannesburg, (a home dedicated to caring for new born babies infected with AIDS virus) where he also donated funds.

While filming “Love Sees No Color” in Rio de Janeiro, Nassiri came across a school where children were creating art from items they had found on the street. The name of the project was called “Guns for Brushes,” and is aimed at giving children a safe place to create, where they would not be in danger or out on the streets alone. The original location was a single room, which was asbestos ridden, filled with debris and smelled of foul odors. The conditions were unsafe. As a creator and artist himself, Nassiri could not turn away from such an important program. He is searching for a much larger building nearby and is in the process of purchasing it for the “Guns for Brushes” campaign.

The Clark County School District implemented an ethnic diversity curriculum that incorporates 8 of the songs from Nassiri’s album:” Love Sees No Color.” This life-changing program matches songs from the peace anthem with ethnic diversity character traits, where it becomes an inclusive multi-sensory approach to learning. Lee Antonello Elementary School principals and teachers tout the successes of this program after just one year. Immediate plans are to make it available to both public and private schools across the city, nationally and internationally.


Nassiri’s philosophy is that positive music is a force that can heal us physically, mentally, and emotionally and elevate us to a higher spiritual consciousness. He believes that music from the past will often only invoke past emotions and that it’s important for every human being not to live in the past, or the future, but to live in the present moment! He believes positive music allows our consciousness of being to achieve its highest levels of happiness, fulfillment and joy and brings serenity to our lives. Nassiri believes that positive music heals because music is a universal language and offers each of us the opportunity to experience positive vibrations that occur when we listen to positive music…especially when it is delivered from a pure heart and state of mind. This is why he has dedicated his life to the creation of such music, because positive music can affect all of us in a unique, spiritual, healing, and uplifting way…when we allow it to be a part of us and our daily world.

“It’s time to lend a hand…be gentle and be kind…cherish all walks of life…share your love with all mankind.” – Nassiri (from “Yes We Can”)


If you would like to join Nassiri’s Love Sees No Color Foundation in its efforts to help humankind, following are ways in which you can get involved:

1. Join as a member of and you will receive newsletters regarding upcoming organizations and events with which you can offer your support.

2. Download any of Nassiri’s songs or albums and 5% of the proceeds will be donated to the Nassiri Love Sees No Color Foundation.

3. Share Nassiri’s positive music with your friends and family and encourage them to do the same.

4. Send us a letter detailing a cause you would like to see receive support. Tell us about the cause and why it is so important to you.

5. Tell us your thoughts on how you think best to bring an end to poverty, hunger and homelessness in the world.

6. Give us any other input on how you would like to be involved in this movement?

“Now’s the time to find a new beginning, now’s the time to change the way we’re living, love’s the only path we need to follow to make the world a better place tomorrow…” -From Nassiri’s new album “Now’s The Time