“NOW’S THE TIME to find a new beginning…NOW’S THE TIME to change the way we’re living…Love’s the only path we need to follow…to make a better place for tomorrow”          -from “Now’s the Time” by Nassiri

Nassiri’s NOW’S The TIME Curriculum will continue where the LOVE SEES NO COLOR Curriculum started… with a brand new catalogue of songs written to teach positive live lessons and values through the power of positive music.

  • The curriculum is divided into 8 sections, and based on 8 songs selected from Nassiri’s albums, Now’s the Time and Love Sees No Color.
  • Each song focuses on important human traits, elements & qualities.
  • Teachers can focus lessons and exercises on one particular song per month, week, semester, etc according to the school or teacher preference.
  • The NOW’S THE TIME curriculum can be implemented at any level K-12. Lessons on various subject matters can be easily adapted to the different grades, age and maturity of the students.

  1. 01 Love Sees No Color Tolerance/Respect/Anti-Bullying/Anti-Racism 1:03
  2. 02 Where There's A Will Confidence/Courage/Conviction 1:56
  3. 03 Love Is The Reason Compassion/Kindness/Sincerity/Charity 3:44
  4. 04 Mother Nature Conservation/Preservation/Nature/Awareness/Global Warming 5:35
  5. 05 Love Will See You Through Facing Adversity/Determination/Power of Optimism 4:27
  6. 06 Faces of Love Compassion/Harmony/Unity/Tolerance 5:08
  7. 07 Now's The Time Compassion/Determination/Problem-Solving 4:41
  8. 08 Yes We Can (world version) Discipline/Confidence/Conviction/Empowerment 5:48
  9. 09 Happy Birthday Have Fun 2:26

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“I believe music is a universal vibration and if it is positive, it can change a civilization for the better.” – Nassiri

Nassiri believes the message of peace, love and harmony can be shared with the world through the power of positive music and education.










Love Sees No Color

Tolerance / Respect / Anti-Bullying / Anti-Racism

Students are encouraged to use peaceful methods to resolve conflicts in a peaceful and respectful manner    



Love is the Reason

Compassion / Kindness / Sincerity / Charity

Teach students to learn the power of giving and being charitable    



Love Will See You Through

Facing Adversity / Determination / Power of Optimism

Students are taught to understand the power of optimism and belief in themselves.    



Faces of Love

Compassion / Harmony / Unity / Tolerance

Help students to understand that beauty, kindness, and compassion are qualities that are more than skin deep.    



Mother Nature

Conservation / Preservation / Nature Awareness / Global Warming

Students learn how to truly respect the planet as well as protect it for future generations.    



Where There’s a Will

Confidence / Courage / Conviction

Teaching students that belief in one’s self is one of the most powerful tools they can carry through life.    



Now’s the Time

Compassion / Determination / Problem-Solving

Students learn how to do more than just “talk about” issues facing our world and civilization, they learn how to do something about them.    



Yes We Can

Discipline / Confidence / Conviction / Empowerment

Based on the premise that a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step, students are encouraged to find the strength, the courage and conviction to make this a better world not just for themselves, but for everyone.

–LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Singer-songwriter, philanthropist and world peace activist, Fred Nassiri, launched a pilot program at Lee Antonello Elementary School (Las Vegas, NV) in August of ’06. The program unites Nassiri’s music into the ethnic diversity curriculum at the school. The purpose of his music is to create awareness and spread the message of peace and harmony to the world through the power of music through the eyes of children.

Dr. Linda Young, Director of the Equity and Diversity Education Division of the Clark County School District and Judy Steele, President and CPO of the Public Education Foundation were instrumental in introducing the program to the school district and Lee Antonello School. Lee Antonello Principal Linda Reese, 2nd Grade Teacher Jennifer Ayers and 13 other teachers worked with Nassiri for several months in developing the pilot program and comprehensive lesson plan. The curriculum identifies a specific content area and partners it with songs whereupon specific objectives are identified. (Example: Social Studies – “Love Sees No Color” – Students are encouraged to use the peace path to solve conflicts in a peaceful and respectful manner.)

During the first full year of integration into the school courses, teacher Jennifer Ayers stated “The children love to listen to the music. They just interact better with each other. They understand what it is to be peaceful and to get along and the purpose for why they are learning all this.”

A follow-up meeting with CCSD and the principals and teachers at Lee Antonello School in August 2007, revealed that the program is an outstanding success. Dr. Linda Young stated “we have been so pleased with this pilot program. The principal and teachers at Lee Antonello School spent many resourceful hours in creating the curriculum and teaching their students this last school term. They’re all very excited to once again include this program in their courses for the coming school year.”

Principal Linda Reese believes “It encompasses a great deal. The big thing that we see is that our school went from AYP, meaning that we did not meet the average yearly progress requirement as put forth in “No Child Left Behind” to a school that is now designated as high achieving. We see this as an integral part of that whole progress in terms of student achievement. The program has made a difference. The whole thing is a puzzle and it’s a piece of that puzzle – a very important piece of that puzzle.”

Assistant Principal Kody Bartu commented “The kids were very, very happy and enthusiastic about what was going on in the building, the involvement, the activities, whether it was during the school day or after the school day. We had more parent involvement than we have ever had, because this brought them in. This message is reaching everybody.

This pilot project was funded by a grant from Nassiri through the Clark County Public Education Foundation. Future plans are to make it available to other district schools statewide and soon thereafter, nationally and internationally.

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