Noushin Kar “This is a beautiful song, the lyrics express every parent’s inner feelings, thank you…” My Child by Nassiri


Jared De Vries “You are a kind man Nassiri!! God bless ~”


Josephine Gorra “We need more compassionate peolple like You Mr.Nassiri so we can have Heaven on earth!…”


Steve Levesque “very cool Mr. Nassiri… I love your passion for humanity !”


Carmen Lugo “Total agree with You Mr Nassiri and thank you for make a big differece to my self with you great songs : )”


Sarah Photowat “Your music is part of my daily chanting. Thanks for these priceless gifts. Holy spirit is at work. All forces with you.”


Amir Torabi “The world needs more people like you Mr. Nassiri, thanks for all your endeavors in this way, I am ready to help you in anyway (for possible and especially those acts which seem impossible !!)”


Karma Shah “Mr. Nassiri I love that god has blessed you dear friend..You’r a good kind loving person. I am honored to be your friend”


Margie-Luis Salinas “NASSIRI—Thank you for all the GIFTS that you have made!!!!! Thank GOD you have been soooooooooo Gifted with the song you have made.”